The Chocolate Show

16th October 2016by Polly Chan0

The Chocolate Show took place in Olympia Hall in Kensington, London over the weekend 14th – 16th October 2016. This festival showcases the finest and latest chocolates and pastries from all over the World. Acclaimed Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs gather here to offer skills, knowledge and recipes to attendees through demonstrations, talks and conversations.
Upon entering the event, you are immediately hit with the rich scent of chocolate from the tempering machines; grand displays from stalls showcase their unique and creative chocolates alongside many delicious samples.
Many stalls allowed consumers to buy products which are not supplied to the UK, giving a wider perspective on how chocolates range around the World and are produced to fit a certain market.



Large Chocolate Machinery: Conching and Tempering


Conching Machine – creating bean to bar



‘VANILLA BEANS’ – Japanese Chocolate Company



‘VANILLA BEANS’ sell chocolate exclusively to/and only in Japan (for the moment). With a shop settled in Yokohama, Japan, they aim is to produce chocolate that make people smile with strong flavours and tasty chocolate. I purchased the Hojicha bar and it was CRAZY GOOD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Hojicha is a roasted tea with a sweet-toasty aroma combined with their chocolate it is a perfect combination – at first you get the natural bittersweet chocolate taste and then a strong toasted tea flavour comes through. Really really nice but quite price-y selling at £7 at the event, worth a try though.


Various Chocolate Teas available


Fruity tea, aromatic tea, herbal tea, other types of non-chocolate teas that were displayed in the event.


Maison Boissier was founded in 1827 and is known as one of Paris’s oldest sweet shops. In their collection, chocolates and sweets are main purchases. The pearls are personally my all-time favourite due to their unique taste and al-dente {I don’t even know if this term can be used referring to chocolate} firm but soft bite.


Hakkasan Executive Head Pastry Chef, Chef Graham Hornigold in a demonstration at the cookery theatre with his mini Me’s and Moses Adama, Pastry Chef at HKK. Presenter: Will Torrent.


“One team, one dream! Push on!”

It was an honour to work alongside the notorious Chef Graham at Yauatcha. Best known for his humorous and friendly personality, encouraging attitude and creative thinking, reinventing classic patisseries with modern twists, Chef is very well-established in the pastry world. This image marks the past, present and future Pastry Chefs-to-be. ( ☞^∀^)☞ Watch this space! ☜(゜∀゜☜)

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