About Me

Hello! My name is Polly. 🙂

I’m a dreamer and a fighter – I go with the flow and attempt any challenges that arise, open-minded but consistently focused, think big but born small.

My story begins when I had the best eureka moment of my life.
[insert flash back]
I studied Art and Graphic Design at university – it was great! During my last year of uni, I wrote a dissertation relating to the topic of creating sensory graphic design; to engage all the five senses (see, smell, hear, touch and taste) within design itself. However, there was one sense that I could not effectively achieve and that was taste.
How can you taste design? What do I design that is something you can taste? What medium can I even use? And then… Eureka!

You can eat design! Compositions, textures, colours, shapes and flavours. You apply these same methods from the Graphic Design World into the Chef World; instead of paper, pens and photoshop, you use edible mediums: cake, creams, chocolate, jam, fruits and the list goes on!

Wow, who knew that these two Worlds could harmoniously overlap!

Since then, my journey has lead me to new and exciting adventures. From learning patisserie in a Michelin restaurant to creating bread in independent bakeries. Followed by achieving the highest award in a competition and then assisting professional Chefs’ to judge them.

Baking and pastry are both my passions!
50% Baker : 50% Patisserie

Enthusiastically learning, exploring and failing, shape who I am today.

Be the best that I can be, 100% Me.

~~~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ