Freshly Baked
Hong Kong Buns

Light & Airy
Fresh Cream

Daily treats

Pineapple Bun菠蘿包
Sweet cookie top covering a soft milk bun. This is the ultimate classic Hong Kong bread.

Sausage Bun腸仔包
Soft bread encasing a smoky pork sausage; perfect nostalgic treat for anytime of the day!

Spring Onion Bun蔥油包
Fragrant, sesame infused spring onion bun bursting with nutty brilliance.

Coconut Bun雞尾包
Creamy coconut filling offering sweet notes of vanilla and a soft-chew texture

Large Sausage Bun腸仔包
Prepare for trouble & make it double! This is twice the size of the smaller sausage bun.

Deluxe Sausage Bun特色腸仔包
Colourful, full of flavour and texturally enjoyable, this bun is a real delicious treat.

BBQ Roast Pork Bun叉燒包
Fluffy milk bun with a juicy and flavoursome Hong Kong style roast pork filling - a classic Hong Kong bakery treat!

Roast Pork Pineapple Bun叉燒菠蘿包
Scrumptious harmony between sweet and salty, this is an alternative version of the classic roast pork bun.

Fresh Cream Cakes忌廉蛋糕

Light and airy cakes for any occasion, perfect sweet bite without feeling heavy.
Designed with less sugar and no salt.

Seasonal Specialties

Interchanging buns based upon seasonal ingredients and flavours: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Choosing ingredients inspired by seasons allows for the best taste and essence.

Cake & Buns

Elevate your celebrations and parties with light, soft East-Asian style cakes and buns!


To know if we do wholesales, contact us.

Customise your own!

  • Mini Bun Box
  • Big Bun Box

Mini Bun Box

This box can store 8-12 pieces.
An MBB is perfect for those who want to try a few different buns,
but not feel overwhelmed by the amount. It is a great choice for
those wanting to hit a bun craving or to send as a delicious gift.

Big Bun Box

This box can store 15-20 pieces.
An BBB is perfect for gatherings, celebrations,
large family parties or for those who are serious
about their bun cravings.

Lunar/ Chinese New Year Gift bag & boxes 🎁🐉
This year there are three *NEW* special gift boxes wishing delicious luck and prosperity upon your wonderful family & friends! 

🎁 Large CNY Gift bag 
🎁 Medium CNY gift box
🎁 Singular CNY gift box 
🐲 Individual pieces 


The large gift bag is the perfect offering with 3 giant lion heads to symbolise the fierce and mighty lion dance warding away evil spirits. Also, within the box will be gold chocolate coins (wishing you wealth), lucky candy (wishing you a sweet year) and a happy red envelope with gold 🪙 (wishing you good luck). The lion shortbreads are large in this bag as you can share it or eat through multiple tea-time sittings.

The other boxes are similar, however, they vary in size and offering. Please read each one carefully AS NUTS, PEANUTS AND SESAME are used within some of the items and may contain traces!!! 🥜

First dispatches begin in February and if you want a specific arrival date, please do let me know and I'll try and make it happen for you 👌🏻

Can't wait to celebrate and bake LNY/CNY with you again 🏮🧧🪙🐲🍊
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Lunar/ Chinese New Year! 🎊🧧🏮🍊🐲
Is it even Chinese New Year without lion dance? The lion, fierce in nature, drives away evil spirits and blesses you with luck and prosperity. Now let's get all that luck and prosperity into your bellies!!! 🧧🧧🧧

Each lion holds its own symbolic meaning:
● Peanut & Sesame [Gold]: Roasted peanuts are lightly
crushed with toasted sesame seeds for a nutty, buttery and
aromatic shortbread. Completed with a touch of edible gold
for that extra elegance. In Chinese culture, peanuts are
considered to symbolise longevity and sesame seeds good

● Berries [Red]: The colour red is a symbol of prosperity and
happiness in Chinese culture, particularly during the New
Year. Fruits symbolise new beginnings with sweet fruits
wishing those a sweet year ahead - so with this, I’ve
included sweet red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry.

● Brown Sugar & Chinese Red Date [Yellow]: A play on
flavours from the traditional Nian Gao 年糕. Typically made with
brown sugar and Chinese red dates [jujube], I’ve
incorporated this into a shortbread version with chewy chunks of
date and a mild caramel note. The words 'nian gao 年糕’
sounds like 'year high’ meaning prosperity and starting the
year on a high note. 

There will be a few new items this year with the classic lucky orange bun coming back out for LNY/CNY. Stay tuned! 🍊🧧🍊🧧🍊

All items will be available on the website SOON!
Remember to PRE-ORDER for first dispatch starting Monday 5th February. 

Shoutout to my talented best lion dancer cousin Kelvin (@kyiin) for helping me out with this collection.
Hit him or @tangs_pakmei up if your establishment/event/ celebration needs traditional lion dancers 🎊
#cny #lny #chinesenewyear #lunarnewyear
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Thomas & Friends birthday cake 🥳🎂🚂
This cute cake was specially made for a birthday boy who loves Thomas the Tank Engine 🚂 

I rarely make themed cakes because of the novelty aspect, but nostalgically I love them! It's literally the opposite style to what I usually make, but it's always fun to try new designs and play with techniques I haven't done in a long time. 
When I was around 12y/o, I would take blu tack from my Parent's takeaway and make all sorts of objects: spring rolls, 3D roses, animals, cars, anything my imagination allowed - how normal children played with playdoh, I played with blu tack. So, I've always loved to create and mould things by hand! 

Achieving the right colour was the most important yet difficult process. In graphic design, I was taught that if you remove all the information (text, characters) and just look at the blocked shapes, if you're able to distinguish the brand immediately, that shows how powerful the marketing and branding style is. 
To get the colours very vibrant, popping and as accurate as possible, I used my favourite colouring brand @sugarflaircoloursltd, I think their extra range is incredible!! 

The cake was really fun to make, but what's more, the birthday boy loved it! Thanks Mumma Fiona for DM-ing me the aftermath photo. I'm always grateful to have these cake opportunities and be able to bake for your special occasions! Such an honour 🙌🏻🎈🎉

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Hello 2024 ✌🏻O✌🏻✌🏻+✌🏻
May this year bless us all with many victories and peace like the ✌🏻 suggests. 
2023 was full of ups, ending with the biggest down; so as Mr. Bob Marley sings, I'm hoping 2024 "gonna be alright". This is my 2024 mindset 🤞🏻🪄

I'm back on the bun business now and working through all the emails and cake requests 🙏🏻 
GOOD NEWS THOUGH: I'm developing some NEW LNY/CNY items, which is really exciting and super cool! Undoubtedly, the Lucky Orange buns will be back and juicier than ever 🍊
The Lucky orange buns will be available for UK nationwide postal alongside the other items, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! 

Thank you so much for joining me these last few years, I hope it's been delicious and I'm excited to bake more for you all in 2024 ✨💪🏻

-Polly ❣️

#hello2024 #moreopportunities #moreblessings #anotheryearoflife
Mango Fresh cream cakes 🥭🍰✨
These Mango cakes are made with my popular Chinese sponge. Soft, light airy cake paired with smooth, slightly sweet whipped cream and lots of fresh mango chunks 🥭🥭🥭

Nostalgically, they're very similar to the traditional Chinese cream cakes, however when you incorporate high-quality ingredients the taste is elevated! It's been a pleasure to have baked for so many birthdays, weddings and celebrations this year. 🙌🏻🎈💕

Happy Christmas-eve 🎄🎉

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Christmas Wreath 🎄✨🍊
Sharing-piece perfect for those celebrating with family, hosting a party or simply enjoying it as a tea time treat. 

This 8" edible wreath is back and bursting with flavour and freshness: juicy tart cranberries bejewel the caramel cinnamon dough paired with the beautiful citrus-y fragrance and sweetness from the orange icing and zest. Warmed up, it makes the whole house smell like Christmas - who needs candles?! (Jk, I love candles)

If you're not a fan of sharing, feel free to keep this in the fridge for up to a week and cut portions from it to warm up in the microwave for 10-12 seconds and you'll have a cinnamon, orange cranberry bun that feels exactly like you're eating it fresh from a bakery but you're at home.
OR feel free to freeze, fully defrost and warm the wreath back in the oven ready to eat on Christmas day - but be sure to cover with foil/parchment so the toppings don't burn! Otherwise, please request without decorations so you can complete the look as you please on the day! 

This is the perfect pairing with any hot beverage ☕
Christmas wreath offers ~8 portions

Collection: Saturday 23rd December from @vans_europe Covent Garden branch - *please reserve*

Or UK nationwide next-day postage, will be up on my website this weekend, please stay tuned 🙏🏻

Happy holidays 🎄

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