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Hong Kong Buns

Light & Airy
Fresh Cream

Daily treats

Pineapple Bun菠蘿包
Sweet cookie top covering a soft milk bun. This is the ultimate classic Hong Kong bread.

Sausage Bun腸仔包
Soft bread encasing a smoky pork sausage; perfect nostalgic treat for anytime of the day!

Spring Onion Bun蔥油包
Fragrant, sesame infused spring onion bun bursting with nutty brilliance.

Coconut Bun雞尾包
Creamy coconut filling offering sweet notes of vanilla and a soft-chew texture

Large Sausage Bun腸仔包
Prepare for trouble & make it double! This is twice the size of the smaller sausage bun.

Deluxe Sausage Bun特色腸仔包
Colourful, full of flavour and texturally enjoyable, this bun is a real delicious treat.

BBQ Roast Pork Bun叉燒包
Fluffy milk bun with a juicy and flavoursome Hong Kong style roast pork filling - a classic Hong Kong bakery treat!

Roast Pork Pineapple Bun叉燒菠蘿包
Scrumptious harmony between sweet and salty, this is an alternative version of the classic roast pork bun.

Fresh Cream Cakes忌廉蛋糕

Light and airy cakes for any occasion, perfect sweet bite without feeling heavy.
Designed with less sugar and no salt.

Seasonal Specialties

Interchanging buns based upon seasonal ingredients and flavours: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Choosing ingredients inspired by seasons allows for the best taste and essence.

Cake & Buns

Elevate your celebrations and parties with light, soft East-Asian style cakes and buns!


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Customise your own!

  • Mini Bun Box
  • Big Bun Box

Mini Bun Box

This box can store 8-12 pieces.
An MBB is perfect for those who want to try a few different buns,
but not feel overwhelmed by the amount. It is a great choice for
those wanting to hit a bun craving or to send as a delicious gift.

Big Bun Box

This box can store 15-20 pieces.
An BBB is perfect for gatherings, celebrations,
large family parties or for those who are serious
about their bun cravings.

Asian Leadership Collective - Happy 3rd Birthday 🥳💙
Yesterday I had the honour of baking the celebratory cake for @asianleadershipcollective 
There was lots of fun, food and familiar faces! 

I baked buns, cake and cookies for the event with a little nudge into my Christmas range🎄 Which I'm super excited to bake for all of you very soon! 

Thank you all for supporting, stopping by and eating some of the goodies available 💕💕💕 
It's always such a rewarding and enjoyable time when I meet you guys face2face instead of chatting behind the screen.

Hopefully see you guys again soon! 🙌🏻😊

Happy birthday ALC team and congratulations on such a wonderful event 🎉

#asianleadershipcollective #eseaeats #pollychanbakehouse
Welcome Halloween Week! 🎃🐈‍⬛
Entering the week of everything Halloween, I made this for my family and friends to enjoy! 
I call this: 「Black cat in Pumpkin」 
Pumpkin/orange coloured choux bun filled with black cocoa crème diplomat, crunchy chocolate wafer disc, fresh raspberries and dark chocolate crispy pearls - this cat has all sorts of delicious textures! 

I always draw out my ideas before creating. Always. 
For me, I need to visualise it and see the layout drawn out before attempting the actual product. I find doing this not only helps you map out what it should look like, but also if you need to make any adjustments before it's too late. 

POV: I don't really believe black cats are bad luck, all cats are cute regardless of their coat.

What are you all making for Halloween? 

I don't usually do anything for Halloween, but as I get older I'm trying to embrace all seasons and festivities because there's just too much sadness happening in the World! 


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Congratulations to the newlyweds 💒💍💖🎉
This was THE BIGGEST strawberry shortcake I've ever made! Using nearly 2.2kg of fresh strawberries and 3kg of cream, this cake was a true strawberries and cream heaven!! 😍

Custom made for an intimate wedding, the Bride chose the design and specifically wanted a rectangular cake, which was really unique! The cake was so large it didn't fit in my fridge, so I had to chill it in two parts and piece it together, such a fun project I had loads of fun making this 🥰

It's always an ABSOLUTE honour and privilege to bake for someone's special day whether it's a birthday, wedding, celebration or gathering, I always feel so blessed they chose my baked creations to celebrate with them. 

Happy weekend 🎉

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Mango cakes to start the weekend! 🥭🍰
Two bespoke mango cakes for two special celebrations: anniversary & birthday.
When I started my pastry chef journey, I was given a piece of advice from my inspiring and wise chef/tutor, "if you're going to make something with lemon, make sure you can REALLY taste it." Which sounds like obvious advice, but it's really not that obvious! Sometimes in baking, flavours are altered either from certain processes, cooking methods or just simply not that flavoursome -: so make sure you taste and adjust! 

These mango cakes are jam-packed with mango inside and out just in case you forget what fruit you ordered. 

Have a great weekend! ♥️✨🙌🏼

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