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*Please note that these products are made in a kitchen which stores nuts, peanuts and sesame. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame.

Please note in the order form in the message section if you want any of the Set/Mixed Boxes.

Set boxes

All set boxes below have postage and packaging included. 

Sausage bun (Box of 9), £13.00

Pineapple bun (Box of 4), £9.00

Spring Onion bun (Box of 6), £11.85

Coconut Cocktail bun (Box of 6), £12.10

Deluxe Sausage box, (Box of 4), £13.50

Roast Pork ‘Char Siu’ bun, (Box of 6), £14.80

Mixed Boxes

All mix boxes below have postage and packaging included.

Box A (2x Pineapple bun/ 3x Spring Onion bun), £11.00

Box B (2x Pineapple bun/ 3x Coconut Cocktail bun), £11.35

Box C (3x Spring Onion bun/ 3x Coconut Cocktail bun), £12.50

Classic HK Box (6x Sausage bun/ 3x Mini Pineapple bun), £13.50

Customise Boxes

All customise boxes do not have postage and packaging applied.
Choose from the buns below to customise your own bun box with these two options:

Mini Bun Box (MBB)

This box can store 8-12 pieces. An MBB is perfect for those who want to try a few different buns, but not feel overwhelmed by the amount. It is a great choice for those wanting to hit a bun craving or to send as a delicious gift.

Big Bun Box (BBB)

This box can store 15-20 pieces. An BBB is perfect for gatherings, celebrations, large family parties or for those who are serious about their bun cravings.

Both box options are available for postal and local delivery.

All meat buns are now unavailable for postal orders due to the warmer temperatures, however, the meaty buns are still available for local orders situated in areas 10-12miles from RM10.

For set boxes and mixed boxes, please order via the order form below.

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** Postage and packaging, will be applied after order has been submitted. This is to ensure the right size box and correct weight are used.

If you are planning to have multiple orders to be delivered to different addresses, please contact me directly at my email: [email protected]

Please select the amount of buns you would like below to customise your own box!