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Lion Shortbread Collection


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Flavours include: 

  • Peanut & Sesame [Gold]: Roasted peanuts are lightly crushed with toasted sesame seeds for a nutty, buttery and aromatic shortbread. Completed with a touch of edible gold for that extra elegance. In Chinese culture, peanuts are considered to symbolise longevity and sesame seeds good fortune. Allergen: Wheat, dairy, nuts, sesame
  • Strawberry & Raspberry[Red]: The colour red is a symbol of prosperity and happiness in Chinese culture, especially during the New Year. Fruits symbolise new beginnings with sweet fruits wishing those a sweet year ahead – so with this, I’ve included sweet red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry. Allergen: Wheat, dairy

  • Brown Sugar & Chinese Red Date [Yellow]: A play on flavours from the traditional Nian Gao, typically made with brown sugar and Chinese red dates [jujube], I’ve incorporated this into a shortbread to add chewy chunks of date and a mild caramel note. The words ‘nian gao 年糕’ sounds like ‘year high’ meaning prosperity and starting the year on a high note. Allergen: Wheat, dairy, sulphites