Le Pain Quotidien

6th January 2017by Polly Chan0

Today, I finally ate at Le Pain Quotidien! (Yes, for first time – don’t judge /(・_・;)\ )… Generally, I’ve only noticed small stalls or small bakery shops just for take-away use, so this was my first dining experience.

Quick background check, so Le Pain Quotidien translates to ‘The Daily Bread’ dating back to Brussels in 1990 by Alain Coumont. Unimpressed with the bread of that time, Coumont decided to bake his own using only water, flour and salt; however it wasn’t until later on that more products such as pastries, beverages and salads were introduced reaching out to new generations and tastes. Ingredients are all organically sourced to recreate the same taste experience when it first started.

The interior was veryyy nice: polished wooden walls, tables and chairs with the cute floral decor dotted here and there. Baked items were stacked like a golden mountain proudly balancing beneath the softly lit lighting creating a very cosy, relaxed and clear surrounding. Places like this are extremely good for chilling and chatting – it’s light enough to actually see the person you are talking to, no echo-effect so you do not have to shout over the next table just so your friend directly opposite can hear and the waiters offer good timings to drink-chat, eat-chat, finish-chat.



I was pleasantly surprised to see matcha latte?! on their menu so I had to order that and also I didn’t know what “baked eggs” was, so I ordered that too. The latte was ok/not great because the tea was only mildly present and not very strong but it was definitely creamy. The eggs were dotted with chorizo which was nice, but I thought the yolks would have been a little bit runnier instead they were a little too cooked. Sad times, since I had nothing to dip the very nicely-toasted bread in. (・へ・)…

I think overall, I’d probably go back for relaxing and eating their authentic bread 🙂


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