Congee Con 2021

15th November 2021by Polly Chan0

Congee Con is an annual event hosted by none other than the Congee Queen herself, Jenny Lau. Jenny runs @celestialpeach_uk sharing deep-rooted stories by East and South-East Asian Innovators and Creatives, giving in-depth knowledge surrounding food, culture and cuisine. If you haven’t checked out her page (which is basically becoming my ESEA encyclopedia), then you need to go now!

On Sunday 14/11, my friend Yen and I headed to one of the coolest cultural events I’ve been to all year. I loved it!

At Congee Con, we bring the toppings whilst Congee Queen Jenny prepares the most deliciously humble congee. Attendees can bring along their favourite toppings whether that be homemade or not, all toppings are welcome! Christmas came early because the table was full of colour, texturally diverse and everything was crazy delicious!

I brought with me, Fried Vermicelli and some mini Melon pans to share! Not that you usually eat melon pans with congee (but who said you can’t tbh ;P), but it can be a nice sweet pairing after the congee, but a classic pairing with tea! Which someone did bring!

Just look at how cool this event was! There was 50ltrs of congee made for this event! *mind-blown*.

Time to get decorating! Btw, this isn’t plain – it is infused with fresh ginger pieces and cooked to (my favourite) consistency. All for the love of congee.

My creation! Generally I don’t add a lot of toppings to my congee but for this event, I thought I’d go outside my comfort zone, haha. I included Chinese doughnut (ofc), fried shallots (recently been a super fan of this), spicy edamade and pickled veg, fresh coriander, and my fried vermecelli. SO MUCH FLAVOUR IN MY BOWL.

Overall, super fun event, met soooo many new faces and learnt many new things. Sunday spent in a Church, the Asian way. Ha.

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